Several Choices

  • We have a comprehensive list of all facilities at the customer's fingertips, many from personal visits.
  • Members have the ability to choose from several facilities throughout the community.
  • Members have the option of using the child care and elder care keyword search system.
  • Members have the choice to manage, revise, and update their customized personalized profiles and referrals.
  • Providers have the ability to manage, revise and update their facility's account. 

We do the research

  • Members do not have to do research; it is done for them!
  • Hundreds of facilities were personally visited and contacted via telephone.
  • For busy professionals personal visits to facilities can be requested through a Quality Care Specialist.
  • A member can fill - out a personalized profile, our system searches the data base and matches the user to a facility in minutes!
  • Unlimited searches for child care and elder care.

Availability & Flexibility

  • Our site gives the member the ability to narrow down their search, utilizing a keyword search system.
  • System is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Comprehensive checklists are available, just a telephone call away.
  • If needed, a Quality Care Specialist is available to assist in finding the right care. 
  • Members have the flexibility to choose a facility anytime during the day.
  • Providers and members can access their accounts at anytime.  
  • No password or email wait time, information is available in minutes!

Customized & Personal

  • Our goal is to provide a customized service and educate consumers on programs or facilities available in their community.
  • High quality resources is a "value added" service for individuals, organizations and companies to use in order to minimize their stress level when looking for a child care and elder care facility.
  • High quality resources will give the member the ability to build their own personalized profile and receive a customized referral based on their family or individual need.
  • High quality resources will be able to narrow down a user's search time for a facility.
  • High quality resources website will offer information and resources for users to make an informed decision when seeking quality care.


  • All information is user and password protected.
  • Our website enables the customer to ask the important questions to ensure the best match.
  • Free Information about resources, online or just a telephone call away.
  • A member is encouraged to send comments and information concerning their visits to, (see contact us). 
  • Members have the availability to search for information in the elder care and child care data base.
  • Our website allows providers of facilities to update their information to ensure accuracy.


  • Providers will have access to the Internet.
  • Facilities will have a web presence 24 hours a day!
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  • The greater amount of information about the facility; the greater chance of a match.
  • National exposure
  • More customers